Bisaya & Ilonggo (n. joy, happiness, bliss)

A curated collection of hand-made and artisanal pieces for your home.

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Giving your dining table a summer feel all-year round. Whether you're matching... 

Honoring Filipino Craftsmanship

All our stoneware are hand-made by local potters. That means no two items are ever alike. There may be some subtle variations in size, shape, and hues. This is the traditional way of making ceramics, by free-forming on the potter's wheel and applying the glaze by dipping. It makes each piece truly unique.

  • Hand-made

    Each piece is made by hand, not machines. We celebrate the meticulous process, skill, and artistry done by our local potters. All our featured stonewares are made in small batches.

  • Elevating Your Home

    At Lípay we believe that items for your home should be both beautiful and durable for everyday use. All pieces on our website are microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe.

  • Non-toxic

    Our partner potters have carefully chosen lead-free clay and glaze, so you're assured the pieces are non-toxic and food-safe.

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